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Why do sweatshops exist?

Most of the world’s clothes, including many designer brands, are manufactured in sweatshops. Workers work long hours with poor conditions and for very low wages. Most of the sweatshop workers are women, but extensive use is also made of child labour. It is nothing short of slave labour. the factories have been described as prisons. […]

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Beaumont Organic
Beaumont Organic – an ethical source of quality fashion

It is so good to come across a company in the fashion industry which is based on ethical values as well as creating high quality, beautiful products. Beaumont Organic is one such company. This post celebrates this ethical business with material from their website and an interview with the company’s owner, Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia. As Hannah […]

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organic cotton
Organic Cotton

What is meant by organic cotton Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilisers,  herbicides, fungicides or defoliants. It will have been grown without the use of genetic engineering. The seeds used are untreated. Instead of the toxic chemicals used by non-organic producers, the organic farmers will use methods such as crop […]

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sewing repair
When did we stop repairing clothes and shoes ?

Do you remember when people used to repair their clothes and shoes rather than just sending them on their journey to the landfill or incinerator? Probably if you were born in the 60s or before you can. So when did we stop repairing clothes an shoes? Why did we stop? One time when the need […]

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The problems with unwanted clothes!

In the UK, three-quarters of consumers admit to binning unwanted clothes. In the spring of 2017, consumers were predicted to have sent an estimated 235 million items of clothes  to landfill. UK consumers ditch more than a million tonnes of clothing every year. Over the past 10 years, the fastest growing waste stream in the […]

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